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Coastal Kayak Tours



   Coastal Kayak Tours is located on the north shore of Oahu.  We are Haleiwa’s oldest and only guided kayak tour company. Coastal Kayak Tours provides private guided kayak tours at Oahu’s most beautiful locations. CKT offers exclusive kayak tours at China Mans Hat, Kahana Valley, Goat Island, and on the North Shore. We can customize our kayak tours to fit your specific abilities and needs. At CKT we provide a quality kayak experience. We bring all the kayak gear as well as coolers stocked with food and drinks. All of our guides are safe, well trained, and experienced in our local ocean conditions. The guides are also very knowledgeable in Hawaii marine life, history, and local legends. We offer Oahu’s best locations with pristine isolated beaches, turtles, dolphins, whale watching, and much more. Coastal Kayak Tours Offers 3, 5, and 7 hour kayak tours depending on your price range and the activities you want to do. All you have to do is show up and be ready to enjoy an incredible day of kayaking.

   In the summer months we also offer longer downwind ocean kayak tours along the North Shores famous “miracle six miles”. For these longer downwind North Shore runs we enter the water in one area and exit in another. Most people can paddle the whole miracle six miles because it is downwind and down current. Two major rest stops at Waimea Bay and Laniakea Beach also make it easier to paddle the six miles. The North Shore is our most popular summer kayak tour location because in the winter the waves get to big.

   Coastal Kayak Tours can capture the memories of your epic kayak experience to be enjoyed again with family and friends. We offer a complete digital image package that includes an HD video and high resolution pictures. Leave your valuable cameras at home and let the guides film your experience with our waterproof cameras.

   CKT does allow snorkeling on our kayak tours and there is a lot to see for those who want to swim. However we do not provide snorkeling gear. Snorkel gear can be rented in the islands and is also cheaply available at stores like Wal-Mart. visibility conditions will vary from location to location depending on the currents and winds. The North Shore will offer the best snorkeling conditions in the summer months, while the east side can produce great snorkeling in the winter months. Again visibility conditions are dictated by Mother Nature but we encourage you to bring you snorkel gear if not just a pair of swim goggles. Our guides prefer to carry only a mask. You never know when the opportunity will arise to jump in and swim with turtles or dolphins.

   Coastal Kayak Tours does offer kayak fishing tours for beginner and advanced kayak anglers. We provide all of the fishing gear needed. In Hawaii the fishing can get really good and the summer months are when the fishing is the best. These guided kayak fishing tours are 7 hours long. We do not offer half day fishing tours. For beginner anglers we will fish the inshore waters and the more advanced anglers will want to tackle the pelagic fish offshore. All kayak fishing tours are strictly based around the weather and angler ability.

   Coastal Kayak Tours are perfect for families, groups, businesses, couples and individuals. We provide safe, guided, and private kayak tours to everyone. Our kayak tours are a great way to spend the day seeing the island from a different perspective. Much in the same way the ancient Hawaiians did for hundreds of years. Come enjoy a really fun and specialized kayak experience with us. Go check out our locations page to find all the information on specific kayak tour locations. Remember we are flexible and willing to accommodate your specific kayak needs. Feel free to contact us on line or give us a call for more details at (808) 638-9100. Aloha and Mahalo