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Welcome To Our Chinaman’s Hat Location Page

    Mokoli’i Island, more commonly known as “Chinaman’s Hat”, is one of Oahu’s best kayak locations and one of our most popular tours. The large cone shaped island is located off Kualoa Point on Oahu's Windward Coast. It sits in Kaneohe Bay, resembling a broad-rimmed hat commonly worn by rural Chinese farmers. Today, Chinaman's Hat, or Mokoli’i Island, is part of Kualoa Regional Park. Both Mokoli’i and the Kualoa area are of important historic value to the Hawaiian people.  Located in this area is the state’s largest fish pond which fed Oahu’s great kings and chiefs. Kualoa also houses a canoe hale and is a sacred gathering center for voyaging canoe navigators. This Ahupua’a was also home to the island first city of refuge. These kayak tours offer a great mix of paddling and hiking. We offer 2, 3, and 5 hour kayak tours at Chinaman’s hat.   Book Now

Tour Over View:

    Because the reef surrounding Chinaman’s Hat is habitat for a wide variety of marine life, it is widely regarded as one of Oahu's best offshore islands for exploration. An easy trail goes around the island to a small beach on the backside. On the way are the remains of sacred Hawaiian spear making sites. These sites are believed to between 3oo & 400 years old. Seabird nesting sites are common along the slopes, many of them containing eggs, chicks, and nervous parents. The little beach on the back side of the island is nestled within a secluded cove and features a stunning blow hole. There is a small lava cave bored into the mountain which is well worth investigating. The busy tide pools that surround the beach hold anxious crabs and fish.  This little beach provides a great location for swimming, exploring, and relaxing.

   Making it to the top of the island's steep cone can be a challenge. Good waterproof hiking sandals, booties, or shoes are a must for hiking here. The ascent passes through thick brush down below, followed by crumbling dirt, and cinders further on up. Towards the peak ancient lava ledges appear and there is one last section of the trail that is 15 feet high with vertical rock climbing required to reach the summit. However there are excellent hand grabs and foot holds in the lava walls that make this section passable.  Just about everyone who makes the attempt to hike the hat can reach the summit. Once on top and looking back to Oahu stunning and beautiful views can be seen of the ancient Hawaiian fish pond, the Ko’olau Mountain Range, and beautiful Kaneohe Bay. Of course the coal formations in the reef below and the surrounding water colors can be simply stunning too. In the clear water surrounding the island, if you watch carefully, you might see turtles, schooling fish, baby hammerheads, or a monk seal. Be sure to bring along a camera for this tour.

   Chinaman’s hat is protected from large waves by a barrier reef and it provides safe paddling conditions inside the bay most of the year. We offer 2, 3, and 5 hour Chinaman’s Hat kayak tours. Our guides are well trained and have in depth local knowledge of the area. We provide all the kayak gear needed for your kayak tour including small dry bags for keys and phones. For the 3 hour kayak tours we provide coolers with water, drinks, and snacks. For the 5 hour kayak tours we provide coolers with the above items and a real homemade lunch. For those wishing to hike the island summit, explore the blow hole, take a dip in the ocean, paddle to the ancient fish ponds, and have a great lunch, the 5 hour tours are highly recommended.

   We meet at Kualoa Regional Park. It is easy to find and see when approaching the park. Enter into the park and turn left into the first parking lot. Please park on the very far left side of this first lot. The kayaks will be on the beach to the left and towards the road. You will have to walk up to us about 100 yards. You will see us out on the grass waiting` for you. A bathroom is located in the second parking lot if you need to use it prior to your tour.   Book Now

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