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Welcome To Our Kahana Valley Location Page

    Kahana Bay and River is an exceptional place to kayak. The big beautiful bay is very scenic offering stunning views of Oahu’s majestic Ko’olau mountain range. The valley floor is covered with a lush dense jungle and a gentle river runs through this tropical rain forest. Kahana is also home to a unique ancient Hawaiian fish pond. This Oahu kayak tour is far from the major cities and has a remote country feeling that you just won’t find in Waikiki. Come enjoy this magical location with us. We offer 2, 3, and 5 hour kayak tours at Kahana. Book now link

    Tour Over view

   Ancient Hawaiians once thrived in Kahana due to the abundance of fresh water. The valley boasts a large assortment of Hawaiian cultural sites including taro ponds, irrigation ditches and heiau’s. Early Hawaiians were the first in the world to establish marine aqua culture. The ruins of an ancient fish pond still exist at Kahana for those wishing to explore it.

   Kahana offers some of Oahu’s finest wildlife habitat.  Birds and fish call the river home. Turtles can be seen in the waters around Kahana Bay. The occasional monk seal can be found basking on the sands. Sometime dolphins will enter the bay. In the winter months Hump Back whales are present off shore and can be seen from the kayaks.

   Kahana Bay is located on the Oahu’s eastern shore where the gentle trade winds blow onto the beach most of the year. On the beach is a well established iron wood grove that provides protective shade from the hot summer sun. The breeze combined with the shady grove offers the coolest temperatures during the hot summer months.

   Kahana bay and river is our safest Oahu tour location. When the north shore is to rough for kayaking we can always manage a 2 hour kayak tour at Kahana even during the stormy winter months. Our guides are well trained and have in depth local knowledge of the area and of Hawaii. We provide all the kayak gear needed for you tour including small dry bags for keys. For the 3 hour kayak tours we provide coolers with water, drinks, and snacks. For the 5 hour kayak tours we provide coolers with the above items and a real homemade lunch.

   We meet at Kahana. It is easy to find. You will see the big beautiful bay as you approach it. Keep driving towards the middle of the bay. After passing over a bridge, look for us in the next parking lot towards the ocean. There is a big blue out house here and a green sign that says Kahana.  Please park in this lot. The kayaks will be up on the beach ready to go. Bring your swim suit because you will get wet and make sure to bring adequate sun protection. Please join us for Oahu’s best kayak tour. Mahalo!