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Welcome To Our Haleiwa Location Page

   Haleiwa Kayak Tours are located in the surf capital of the world. This bustling Oahu surf town is home to the North Shore and big powerful winter waves. Haleiwa is a safe kayak tour location. The Anahulu River runs under the historic Haleiwa Bridge and into Waialua Bay.  The gentle river and bay provide habitat to a large population of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Turtle sighting are almost guaranteed here. Halewia is the site of two ancient Hawaiian fish pond one of which is still active today.  We offer 2 hour and 3 hour Kayak Tours at Haleiwa. Book Now

Tour Overview:

   There is a lot of history associated with Haleiwa actually known as Waialua to the Hawaiians. Waialua was a powerful and sacred Moku in ancient Hawaiian times. This area was home to the kings, priests, and chiefs of Oahu. In order to be of royalty you had to be born at the sacred birthing stones located in this Moku. It is also documented, during one of Oahu’s darker periods that Hawaii’s only cannibal king lived here. During the early 1800’s the mighty King Kamehameha conquered and ruled over all the Hawaiian Islands. His plans for the kingdoms unity started out with the cultivation of the most fertile lands in Hawaii. Waialua was seen by the kingdom to be the most nourished lands of Hawaii and were commissioned to feed the king’s fierce warriors. It is also said that the great King Kamehameha helped maintain the fish ponds of ‘Uko’a and Loko Ea because they were considered a bountiful source of choice fish, and were also favorite hangouts of the ruling Ali’i (royal nobles). The Loko Ea fish pond still remains active today while the once great ‘Uko’a fish pond is now a marsh that provides bird habitat to four endangered species of Hawaiian wetland birds. Another cultural site indicates that there was a sacred Heiau located in Waialua where astronomers and voyagers gathered to share knowledge of traditional voyaging canoe navigation. Kaena point also located in this Moku was the jumping off point for departed souls leaving to the afterworld. Later the lands of Waialua became the early stages for crop and cattle plantations that flourished in the mid 1800’s.

   Green Sea Turtles thrive in the Haleiwa area and commonly cruise in and out of the Anahulu River. We have even observed turtles mating in the river before they begin their long migration to their northern birthing grounds. Haleiwa offers the best turtle viewing on all of Oahu. In the summer months Dolphins will frequent the harbor mouth and are known for performing aerial shows. During the winter months and weather permitting there is a good chance of seeing Humpback Whales breaching and spouting in the distance. Monk Seals can sometimes be observed basking on the beach. Haleiwa means home of the Iwa bird and these frigates can be seen soaring overhead. Endangered wet land birds thrive in the area too. Located in the bay just off shore are some awesome coral formations with schools of colorful fish.

    Kayaking is a great way to experience this historic Hawaiian village much like the Hawaiians did hundreds of years ago. Haleiwa is a safe Oahu kayak tour location because it offers a river and a bay. Our guides are well trained and have in depth local knowledge of the area and of Hawaii. We provide all the kayak gear needed for your kayak tour including small dry bags for keys and phones. For the 3 hour kayak tours we provide coolers with water, drinks, and snacks. Come enjoy this very special place with us.   Book Now


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