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Welcome To Our North Shore Location Page

  The North Shore is an amazing place. Known to the world for its large winter surf it’s also a great Oahu summer kayak location. During the summer months the water gets very calm and crystal clear. The views of the surrounding mountain ranges are simply beautiful. To explore the “7 mile miracle” we offer our most popular summer kayak tour. These 5 and 7 hour tours can be booked between dawn and 10 am. These tours will either depart from Three Tables or Sunset Beach and will end in Haleiwa. The route passes all of the famous North Shore surf breaks along the way. The guides will have plenty of time to share the rich history of Hawaii with you. There is much to see along the way and we never know what we will encounter on this trip. We have seen whales, dolphins, turtles, feeding fish, swarming birds, and even monk seals. This is a down wind and down current kayak tour. Because of this most beginners can make the whole 7 hour kayak tour. We use the wind and current to help push us down the coast. At the end of the day we shuttle you back to Three Tables or Sunset Beach.  Everything you need is provided, just show up and be ready for a fun day on the water. Book Now

Tour Overview:

   The 5 hour tour starts at three tables and ends in Haleiwa. This shorter version of the 7 hour tour passes famous Waimea bay and includes a rest stop at Laniakea beach where turtles are known to frequent. The tour continues along passing by lost beach where the hit TV show “Lost” was filmed.  Many turtles can be seen along this route and there is good chance for dolphin encounters too. In the winter months, and as long as the waves are down, whale encounters are possible. These tours end up at Haleiwa beach where lunch is served. After lunch we will paddle up the river and back.  At the end of the tour we give you a ride back to three tables.

   The 7 hour tour starts at sunset beach and ends in Haleiwa. This tour offers two beach breaks giving paddlers time to rest and explore along the way. The first stop is at famous big wave Waimea Bay, a well-groomed beach park with all the facilities. This beautiful bay is awesome for a swim. The protected reefs surrounding the bay offer great snorkeling. At times huge schools of small fish will congregate right next to the shoreline. Often in the summer months dolphins will be feeding in the bay putting on quite an aerial show.

   The 7 tour then continues down the coastline to Laniakea beach for the lunch break. A tasty homemade lunch is provided to the paddlers. This beach has become known as turtle beach because of the abundant turtles that frequent this area. Turtles are often seen feeding on seaweed and resting on the beach. Laniakea offers amazing turtle experiences. You can even swim with them so bring a mask and a camera.

   After lunch we head for historic Haleiwa town at the Anahulu river mouth. Along the way we pass “Lost” beach where the hit TV series “Lost” was filmed. If time permits we paddle up and down the Anahulu River. There are always a lot of turtles in the Haleiwa area. Dolphins frequent the Haleiwa harbor in the summer months. Whale watching is excellent during the winter months if the waves are down and we can do the kayak tour at that time. We have had some very close whale encounters in the winter months that have left our paddlers speechless. The 7 hour North Shore kayak tour is your best bet for seeing most of the marine animals Hawaii has to offer.

    Most people can paddle the entire 5 and 7 hour kayak tour. The 4-6 mile down wind and down current kayak tours are user friendly but more geared for paddlers with  a little experience. We paddle about two miles at a time followed by breaks. The two breaks give paddlers a chance to stretch out, rest and recover for the next leg of paddling. Our guides are well trained and have in depth local knowledge of the area and of Hawaii. We provide all the kayak gear needed for your kayak tour including small dry bags for keys and phones. For both the 5-7 hour North Shore tours we provide coolers with water, drinks, and snacks. We also provide a tasty homemade lunch. After the kayak tour we will take you back to three tables or Sunset beach. Come enjoy one of the most beautiful coastlines in the entire world. Book Now

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