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Welcome To Our Pupukea, Waimea Location page

Pupukea Waimea Marine Life Conservation District

      The ahupua’a of Waimea is a very special and sacred place. In fact Waimea means sacred water. The valley may have been settled by Hawaiians as early as 400 AD. This beautiful area was very significant to the Hawaiian culture and was given to the high priest to rule. There are several heiau’s (temples) in this area as well as several crop terraces and living structures within the valley. Captain Cook’s ships, the Resolution and the Discovery, landed in Waimea Bay in 1779. The ships anchored in the bay after Cook was killed in Kealakekua. Looking for water, the crew members were the first white men to set foot on the island of Oahu. Waimea was a large settlement, with an almost constant water source and abundant fishing grounds. Waimea was a classic example of the Hawaiian’s managing natural resources.  

   In modern times the ocean water located here has become known as the Pupukea Waimea Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD) and is now a fully protected marine life sanctuary. This area includes Sharks Cove, Three Tables, and Waimea Bay. This reef sanctuary is the best location that we offer for snorkeling and many fish can be seen here. Turtles are also common in the MLCD too. They can be found resting on the beach and on the reefs just off shore. The occasional Monk Seal can be seen basking on the sands here as well. In the winter months Hump Back Whales are present offshore and can be observed from the kayaks, sometime very up close and personal. We offer 3 hour and 5 hour kayak tours in the Pupukea Waimea MLCD. All the kayak equipment is included in the tour price. All tours include an American red cross trained guide to provide you a safe experience. Our guides are well trained and have in depth local knowledge of the area. There are many stories and legends obtaining to this sacred place. For the 3 hour kayak tours we stock the soft coolers with ice, water, drinks, and snacks. For the 5 hour kayak tours we stock the soft coolers with ice, water, drinks, snacks, and a tasty lunch. For those wishing to explore, paddle in the river, go snorkeling, learn about the amazing history, and have lunch, the 5 hour Pupukea Waimea MLCD kayak tour is highly recommended. Come enjoy this rich historical Hawaiian site with us.