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             Welcome To Our Whale Watching Location Page

   The whale watching season is usually under way by the 15th of December and lasts through May. The very best months are February and March when whale sightings are almost guaranteed. Kayak whale watching tours are exciting and breath taking for visitors coming to Hawaii. We pick whale watching locations while you are here based on the safest location for offshore paddling. Guides will notify you 24 hours prior to your tour with the safest whale watching location.

   The Humpback Whales we see on Oahu swim here from the shores of Alaska and Canada. They spend the whole winter here, then make the long journey back home leaving Oahu in the spring, usually sometime in April or May. The Humpbacks have a long history of visiting Oahu for the winters and they spend their entire time here mating, baring their young and nursing them until they are large enough and strong enough to make the journey back to Alaska. Amazingly, the adult Humpback Whales don't eat at all during their entire time on Oahu and they swim all the way back to Alaska before having another meal. Whale babies born on Oahu spend much of their days nursing and growing at a rate of 100 pounds a day and it is a marvelous experience to see them with their moms. In contradiction, adult Humpback Whales lose weight during this period and actually will have lost a full 25% of their body weight by the time they get home.

   When we get close enough to the whales on our kayaks we can hear the whale’s underwater songs. Remarkably, all male whales will sing the same exact but very complex song at the beginning of each whale season and this song will change in the same way for all of them as the season progresses. It is always a beautiful and peaceful experience hearing the whales sing.

   The most exciting way to observe Humpback Whales up close and personal is by taking a kayak tour. We offer 3 hour and 5 hour whale watching kayak tours. All the kayak equipment is included in the tour price. All tours include an American red cross trained guide to provide you a safe experience. Our guides are well trained and have in depth local knowledge of the area. For the 3 hour kayak tour we stock the soft coolers with water, drinks, and snacks. For the 5 hour kayak tour we stock the soft coolers with water, drinks, snacks, and a lunch. For those wishing to have a great lunch and spend more time with the whales, the 5 hour tours are highly recommended. Come enjoy this fun and exciting experience with us.